for the previous year
  • Minimal Investment amount 2000 USD
  • Investment period: from 6 months to 1 year
Industry Fund
Invest in VISA INC, Tesla, MCDONALD'S, NETFLIX, Hilton Worldwide, FEDEX, FACEBOOK
Currency USD
Expected yield per annum 49%
Minimal Amount 2000 USD
Investment period from 6 months to 1 year
Fund price index*
  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Year
2019 0 4,7 -0,01 3,7 -7,2 8,9 0 -3,3 -2,9 6,0 4,8 5,2 32,8
2020 10,6 -3,6 -15,9 21,2 5,2 9,0 15,5 38,0 -8,1 -5,4 25,4 13,1 137,2
2021 7,2 4,2 -9,1 -0,9 3,7 -5,5 4,0            
The Industry investment fund is:
  • A balanced portfolio of major industrial companies, which have held leading positions in their segment for many years
  • maximum possible profit, due to permanent market monitoring and prompt revision of the Fund assets
  • funds are placed only in time-tested shares of the world's leading companies, thus providing for investment protection and liquidity
  • it is possible to withdraw and deposit funds at any time and at a lowest cost, due to the high liquidity of shares

This fund provides a possibility of placing funds under the management of a team of professional traders, who ensure a high return on investments over many years.

The early withdrawal fee is 10% of the assets value at the time of withdrawal. The success fee is 25% of the profit.


*The statistics report and the management details are provided at the client's request.


The product yields shown in the examples and past financial performance do not guarantee future profits. All investment products are denominated in USD.

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